January 15 - February 16, 2018
February 19-23, 2018
July 30 - August 3, 2018
December 20-14, 2018

A.I.R. for Seminary Formators

The Assisted Intensive Renewal (AIR) for Seminary Formators is a one month program for priests working in the seminary. It provides an opportunity to go through an intensive community renewal experience, involving both grace and human development dynamics, oriented to discovering even more deeply the identity of themselves as individuals, priests and formators.

Dynamics of the Program

  1. Initial Retreat like experience to dispose the group to listening to God, to hearing his call again in the present context, and to responding generously to his invitation.
  2. Exploration and awareness of their own identity, feelings, history, needs and gifts, etc. which may be done through journaling, psychological tests, and self exploration.
  3. Group sharing of the above two experiences, with a commitment to confidentiality and trust. The group members will only bond, and go as deep as necessary, in proportion to their ability to share openly with each other and with mutual respect for each other’s life and experiences.
  4. Assistance in processing the issues that arise via individual spiritual direction and/or individual counseling.
  5. Inputs according to the needs that surface. Inputs may include the following
    1. Inner child
    2. Abuse and the healing continuum for abuse.
    3. Stages of healthy psychosexual development, and the problems or crises that can develop.
    4. Stages of psychosexual development as viewed from and integrated into faith.
    5. Mental disorders
    6. Sexuality and celibacy: overcoming problems in the are of sexuality and celibacy.
    7. Spiritual and human dynamics of seminary formation.
  6. Practical experience in counseling those with difficulties.
  7. Plans for continuing and implementing the AIR experience.
    1. As a community o seminary formators
    2. Implementation of programs in the seminary

Although this is program is held at the Galilee Center during summer time, it is an independent on-going formation managed by the Episcopal Commission on Seminaries. Application for this program should be directed straight to the said commission headed by Bishop Gerardo Alminaza or  Executive Secretary Fr. Philip Vincent Sinco ( 0917-723-3665 )

Galilee Program Director: Fr. Atong De Guzman email ad: