January 15 - February 16, 2018
February 19-23, 2018
July 30 - August 3, 2018
December 20-14, 2018

“Celebrating Midlife Promises” – MIDLIFE PROGRAM

This Midlife Program is a five-week renewal experience for priests who are 18-35 years in the ministry. Normally 35 years old and above, the participants will understand and celebrate the promises of midlife, and in the process will be able to accompany other priests in midlife. This program will also benefit those who are planning to celebrate their silver jubilee in the ministry so that they may further deepen their celebration.

The program focuses on renewal and skills build-up, particularly in five contexts.

  1. Deepening of Spiritual life – Masculine Spirituality: Journey towards transformation.
  2. Creativity and meaning-making of priesthood at a time of routine exercise of roles and functions.
  3. Forging visions and dreams for the future in view of decreasing focus in ministry.
  4. Ushering the movements on yielding to the death of the ego…facing mortality…crossing the bridge.
  5. Tending skills.

The program will employ contemplative approach through

  • Prayer, reflections, sharing and celebrations
  • Inputs and workshops
  • Midlife inventories (physical, emotional, spiritual)

Program Modules:

  1. Orientation on Midlife Passage (2 days) c/o group facilitators
    • Presentation of map of the midlife passage: its dynamics, goals and tasks and how these may be attended to during the 5 week- Renewal Program/
  2. Disposition/8 day directed retreat/day of integration
    • (10 days) c/o Team of Spiritual directors
    • Going back to the roots: re-viewing life experiences and recognizing how God has been and is present in the unfolding saga of life.
  3. Celebrating midlife themes (5 days)
    • Inventory; Experience of limits
    • Embracing and be-friending the issues
    • Praying our goodbyes
  4. Celebrating midlife spirituality (3 days)
    • Jesus and masculine spirituality
    • Journey towards wholeness
    • Growing with John the Beloved and John the Baptist
  5. Tending skills (2 days) practicum (4 days)
    • Skills-build-up
    • Actual accompaniment for lay retreat in daily life
    • Coaching and supervision
  6. Integration and Closure (2 days)

For further details contact: Fr. Mon Abril
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